Alfred State College Student Advocate Award Announcement


Alfred State College has recognized Nicole Davis, assistant professor of mathematics, as a recipient of its Student Advocate Award.

This award is presented to a college employee who has made a profound impact on students. Each fall a student advocate is recognized from nominations by incoming first-year students who are appreciative of assistance they received beyond the classroom.

Students bragged how Davis, from Andover, NY, puts passion into instruction and even helps to explain how her expertise in math may help in other classes such as physics. According to one student nomination, “Professor Davis comes each day with a positive attitude and teaches her class in a way that makes math understandable and easy to grasp. Beyond being amazing at teaching her subject, she has helped me to understand physics, a class I have been struggling to grasp. She has met with me, shared videos with me, and helped me learn.”

As a new class of students is arriving on campus, the example set by Davis can be an inspiration to colleagues as well as students. She received a golden apple engraved with the award in appreciation for all that she has done to help. As one nominating student wrote, “She wants to know her students better, makes sure the students understand the material before moving onto the next subject, makes sure to know where the students can go and seek assistance, and is overall a positive influence on her pupils.”

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