Summer Update From Adam Cyr, Candidate For District 3 Legislator


As summer flies by, I would like to get a message out to my voters. Behind the scenes I am working diligently, forging alliances, making great new relationships, and working on implementing ideas to support our Allegany County businesses. I have been attending county legislative meetings, taking in as much knowledge as I possibly can.

  Business and businesses are my goals and focus at the end of the day! I intend to use the same laser focus on Allegany County as I do in my own business. Failure is never an option; failure does not even enter my mind when I set out to accomplish a goal. Making Allegany County among the best places to live is that goal. I can see opportunity in Allegany County, and I believe that the time to strike is now while the iron is hot.

We are living in some crazy and uncertain times; we can feel it every day. However, a good friend of mine told me the other day while discussing the pandemic. There is no place she would want to live during this time other than here in Allegany County, and I completely agree with her. We are a county filled with heart and soul. We will fight and we will work hard to ensure that our children and grandchildren enjoy the fruits of our labor.

 It would truly be my pleasure to be granted the opportunity to give you 100% of myself and my work ethic. I love Allegany county and will always make decisions that benefit Allegany county and the residents.

 Enjoy the rest of your summer and don’t let this world get to you, keep your head held high, and spirts up. Be a positive example to others!

Sincerely, Adam B. Cyr

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