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Low Rainbow Over 248-A Whitesville from
The Simply Rustic Home

Friday Sunset in Early August


From the Editor 8/6/21, Photos by Melanie Hunt Streeter

Almost every sunset I watch(and I try not to miss many), makes me wonder who else is watching and who is really inspired or comforted or amazed, by the mutual site. For whatever reason, really good sunsets seem to have a sense of loss, balanced by natural beauty. When sunset gazing you almost have to take stock of the day, what is gone. Depending on the circumstance of the day, that sunset can really be the capstone to the normal or the extraordinary.

When that extraordinary day is related to the loss of a loved one, the sunset seems sweeter, more ripe, and raw. I’m hoping that the family of Jerome Hart saw this evenings sunset and that it comforted them after today’s goodbye.

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