Wellsville Nature Photography A Family Pursuit


From the Editor 7/29/21, Sunset Photo by Carson Streeter

Readers of the Wellsville Sun have had the fortune of enjoying Melanie Hunt Streeter’s work since we first started publishing daily. Streeter has an enormous catalog of scenes from daily life in Wellsville, to striking photos of our American Bald Eagle population. It is safe to say that without her art, this site would be a lot less visually appealing, and popular with readers from all over the country. You can view and purchase some of her work here.

Melanie’s talents and work ethic have clearly inspired a new photographer, her son Carson Streeter. It is a pleasure to provide our readers with this joint mother and son album from their recent photo adventures:

For those with a keen eye, these little guys look like miniature ghosts floating through the air. In fact they are an aphid, Prociphilus oriens, called the “snow bug” in Asia. Photo by Melanie Hunt Streeter

Speaking of cool insects, Carson took this great shot of a Hummingbird Hawk Moth, Macroglossum stellatarum. If you’ve ever spotted one, it is hard to figure out if you have an insect or a tiny bird in view.

Birds are a focus of Melanie’s art and raptors in particular. Here is a most recent image from the local Osprey family, mothers eye always on the camera.

This capture of Melanie’s is truly unique, a mother and her brood enjoying a relaxing moment together.

Carson Streeter nails this image of a pollinator on a sunchoke flower….

Melanie does great landscape shots as well!

A quintessential summer image by Melanie Hunt Streeter

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