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Congressman Lee Zeldin Barnstorms WNY With Eye On Becoming Governor


From the Editor, 7/23/21

New York’s 1st District is the eastern half of Long Island is a long way from the Allegany County Fair, nearly four hundred miles away. Congressman Lee Zeldin represents that district in Washington, a land of fishing towns and the legendary “Hamptons”, known for being the retreat for New York’s rich and famous. The average home value in that district is about $650,000, compared to that of Allegany Counties average home value of $85,000.

Clearly Zeldin has created wealth as a private citizen but his biography isn’t typical of your upper class Long Island guy. Congressman Zeldin has a military career that sets him apart from the typical jetsetter from the “Hamptons.” An excerpt from his biography should impress almost anyone:

“After completing the Army ROTC program, Congressman Zeldin served four years on Active Duty. During that time, he served in different capacities, including as a Military Intelligence Officer, Prosecutor and Military Magistrate. While assigned to the Army’s elite 82nd Airborne Division, in the summer of 2006, Congressman Zeldin was deployed to Tikrit, Iraq, with an infantry battalion of fellow paratroopers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Following his service on active duty, in 2007, Congressman Zeldin transitioned from Active Duty to the Army Reserve, where he currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel.”

With a sitting member of Congress, also a Lieutenant Colonel, running for the Governor of New York, the Cuomo dynasty must be taking note. They defiantly are taking note of the fact that Zeldin has had massive fundraising success in a state that appears ready for new blood in Albany. His message and ideas about putting a Republican in the Governors Mansion is well received in most of Western New York.

The Congressman has made visits to Chautauqua, Allegany, and Livingston Counties this week. Zeldin attended the Chautauqua County Republican Dinner yesterday, spent a few hours at the Allegany County Fair today, and then met with business owners and veterans in Livingston County. At the Allegany County Fair, the potential for NY Governor met with county legislators, state leaders, and fairgoers.

Visit to learn more about the Congressman’s bid for Governor.

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