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From the Editor, 7/21/21

There is a lot going on in the Empire State this week, from deadly explosions to major economic news for Hornell. The emerging cannabis industry is making news in upstate New York, and we are all inhaling wildfire smoke from the west coast.

Are you insured?

In Lackawanna, just south of Buffalo, an entire city block was jarred by an early morning house explosion. The explosion was likely caused by natural gas and a 93 year-old women was killed in the blast. Hundreds of nearby homes are still without power as utility crews inspect and repair the damage. Read the whole story on WGRZ which provides some interview with neighbors.

Fires from 2500 miles away have blanketed most of the upper United States with thick smoke. Air quality alerts are in place and those with difficulty breathing should limit outdoor activity. The fire ash is mixing with our humid air, creating a haze that has a foggy look about it. Photographer Melanie Hunt Streeter took this great shot of a recent sunset that captures the haze well.

Over 100 wildfires are burning on the west coast, as flash flooding causes havoc on the east coast. Read the AccuWeather reports on this and the “Fires and Flash Flooding” podcast is worth the listen.

In keeping with the Smokey theme, the fledgling NY cannabis industry is to making news on several fronts. The big news is that you can travel with your cannabis products without the worry of airport security finding your ganja. TSA agents in New York airports are no longer screening for personal quantities of cannabis. Repeat: You don’t need to triple bag your stash, hide it in your luggage, and pretend you are not an anxious mess in the security line. Heck you can bring three ounces on the trip with you!! Here is the whole story from the Times Union….


A State Senator from District 56 has introduced legislation allowing cannabis farmers to be able to plant crops sooner than later. Siting the time it takes to produce a cannabis crop, Senator Jeremy Cooney proposes allowing farmers to start growing before the state Office of Cannabis Management gets up and operational. Cooney told

““This legislation enables New York cannabis farmers to put seeds in the ground, so that the economic benefits of legalizing marijuana are not delayed for another growing season,” Sen. Cooney said in a Tuesday press release. “We passed adult-use recreational marijuana with the promise of investing in communities most negatively impacted by the failed War on Drugs. This bill allows us to start fulfilling that promise by creating a supply chain of products for retailers in this new economy.”

Visiting Hornell? “The Hann” is just down the road…

Big news has emerged out of Hornell NY with the announcement of a massive 3.4 million dollar grant intended to bolster Alstom’s train car manufacturing operation. Hornell officials praised Senator Chuck Schumer for his hard work noted, “he has delivered once again for the Maple City in a big way,” said John Buckley, Mayor of the City of Hornell.

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