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In sad news, the labor shortage in upstate NY has hit the City of Buffalo summer recreation department. Without lifeguards to keep the 9 city public pools safe, they won’t be opening this summer to help families beat the heat. City officials did note that the 10 ‘splash pads’ in the city have been open since Memorial day and will be open through the summer. Read the story from WGRZ Channel 2 or watch here:

The boss at Wellsville’s Brandes Farm asked a few years ago, “what about growing chickpeas?” The crop is new territory for upstate farmers but could be a profitable bean for the future. Considering the number of modern menu items that use “garbanzo beans”, “chichi beans”, or “gram”, the future looks bright. The question for upstate farmers is how will the crop do in our climate and soil?

Read more about one upstate farmer giving them a try

In Buffalo, the winner of the Democratic Primary for Mayor, India Walton, has received the backing of Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. The support comes as Walton begins planning her administration, and current Mayor Byron Brown launches a write-in campaign for the general election. Read all about it from WGRZ

Monroe County officials have released a statement warning residents about fatal overdoses. In June, fifteen people died in the county from drug overdoses, some linked to animal tranquilizers. As Rochester’s WHAM reports:

Nancy Reagan

“Locally, cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl are being cut with Xylazine, according to the Monroe County Health Department. Sometimes referred to as “horse tranquilizer,” it can cause severe effects for people, including blurred vision, shallow or stopped breathing, and reduced heart rate.”

In Gates NY alone, a Rochester suburb, officials report a dramatic 70% increase in request for help on a “recovery hotline”. In the city proper, three adults were found dead from an overdose with multiple children present in the home. Read the whole story from WHAM

Google has created new online software to help families facing food insecurity find local sources of assistance. provides direction via zip code utilizing Google Maps. 1/6 Children in New York State face daily food insecurity.

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