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A Smashing Good Time In Hornell


For a dollar per minute a new business in Hornell will let you smash a your own stuff or theirs, with a sledgehammer, just for fun.

“You can bring your own approved items to smash to pieces over a 15 minute session! Perfect for getting over that Ex or taking out some frustration! Bring up a 15 gallon tote full of stuff and go to town!”

If you aren’t into cathartic smashing of stuff like electronics, toilets, or even an office copier, “Smash and Paint”, can provide fun and stress relief with paint. For a hundred dollars, you and five friends can go into a paint room and go berserk or create art:

” Create a mess or a masterpiece in our Paint Room! You’ll receive a 16″ x 20″ canvas to paint with paint brushes, sponges, your body and various other tools! 30 minutes sessions. You can upgrade your canvas to various sizes and shapes upon arrival for an addition fee.”

Good, honest stress relief is the product that Smash and Paint sells individuals and groups the joy of destruction or creation. From personal experience there is nothing more satisfying than smashing a home appliance that stopped working at the worst time.

Check out or watch some of their videos on Facebook:

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