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Meet Adam Cyr, Candidate For Allegany County Legislator, District 3


My name is Adam Cyr, I am running for district 3 Allegany County legislator. My background is in business and construction, and I am a co-owner of a thriving construction company.  I am proud of that fact. To run a business legitimately in New York State, is a difficult challenge. My record reflects that every time life got me down, I got up over and over again and came out better than I started.

             I care deeply about Allegany County, the morals and values of Allegany county are second to none throughout the state.  And one of my goals would be to keep our children here with good paying jobs, and a quality of life that you cannot get outside in this county. I know this is a long-term task and will not be an easy one, but I believe it is one-hundred percent achievable.

             There are many things I would like to change, and believe my ideas would be of great benefit to all of Allegany county if implemented properly.   For example, consolidation of overlapping services could save taxpayers greatly, without costing a single person their job. I know it can be done because I have done it my whole life; I started a business with little more than a stick and a spoon, without a lot of formal education, and today that business is among the largest residential contracting companies in the county


The dump pass topic is always a controversial, but there are never any real ideas to fix it.  The bottom line is that we get an incredible bargain at $250 per year, but some people take unfair advantage of it. Our tax money seems to reach as far as a half million a year to cover what the dump pass does not pay for landfill fees.  However, in my opinion it is unfair to the people that only bring in a couple bags of trash a week to have to pay that type of fee, especially when some people loan their pass to friends or max out their allowed amount with other people’s trash, or even some people who use it commercially as part of a side job.  I definitely cannot bring the pass down to $10, but my ideas can bring it down 30% on day one.  I do not believe paying per bag because it is ridiculous, difficult, and just not practical in my opinion.

           Small business is a true priority of mine, without small business this County does not exist. We should not just shrug our shoulders and accept the idea of another business pulling the plug in Allegany County. We have so much potential here that seems to slip through our fingers daily. This county has something a lot of counties lack, and that’s genuine heart and determination. In my business dealings throughout the state, it is my impression that we are not thought very highly of by folks in other counties, and that has to stop!

           I encourage every single one of us to work harder and longer than we ever have to build a future for our kids, our grandchildren, and even our great grandchildren.  Future generations will either pay for our sins or reap the rewards of our hard work and ingenuity, and there is no time like the present to get started with a positive attitude!

          I also want you to know if elected, I will never confuse, “effort with results “. Anybody that knows me, knows that a 14-hour work day is normal.  I do not give up and if I say I am going do something, I do it. You are always going to get an honest answer from me, even if it is something you don’t want to hear.   I will level with you and I will listen to you with sincere respect. My motives for wanting to become a legislator are simple:

– Promote small business every way and everywhere possible
– Provide more support for first responders
– Find solutions to increase local small business
– Stop sending our tax dollars out of this county
– Prove to our children there is no better place to live than Allegany County
– Get more bang for our buck with tax dollars and reduce the tax burden (as much as that is possible in New York!)
– More support for people willing to work and less support for the people who will not…
– Unify this county and Promote brotherly and sisterly love I am asking you to vote Adam b Cyr district 3 legislator Allegheny county New York on June 22.  Together, we can and will Make Allegany Great Again!!!

Adam B Cyr

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