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Update on “Hog Hell” in Willing


As we reported late last month, a disaster has been unfolding on the Stone Dam Road in Willing NY. The property sits at the end of the Graves Road, on the Willing/Alma NY town line, and in the middle of the watershed that feeds Alma Pond. This property is on both sides of the road and the ground is awash in dairy product containers, two breeding hogs are living in a sea of plastic.

The Town of Willing has been working on a solution and taken steps to notify the landowner of the numerous violations of local and state law. “The Town of Willing Code Enforcement Officer has issued a response to the owner detailing violations to our local laws. The County Health Department has responded as well based on their concerns. We continue to monitor the situation,” reports Willing Town Supervisor Ron Wightman.

Theresa Moore of the Allegany County Health Department was asked about the status of the departments involvement and could only reply, “The pig farm issue in the town of Willing is under current investigation by the Allegany County Department of Health.  ACDOH cannot discuss issues under current investigation.”

Whenever dealing with a tragedy like this, with a multi-agency response, the wheel turns slowly. Between the humans, the captive animals, and environmental issues it will take time to coordinate three, maybe four agencies to take appropriate action. The Wellsville Sun will keep you updated as information is available.

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