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Allegany County Industrial Development Agency Responds To Legal Challenge Over Eminent Domain Action


Marshacres LLC Filed A Petition Last Week In The NYS Appellate Court, Fourth Department

One week after powerful Buffalo law firm Barclay Damon LLP filed a petition on behalf of Marshacres LLC and Mallards Dairy, asking the court to reject the use of eminent domain, the Allegany County IDA has responded. A document titled, “Interesting Facts Concerning The Great Lake Cheese Project”, has been released to the Allegany County Legislators. According to reliable sources, legislators have been given the green light to comment on the dispute.

District 4 Legislator Karl Graves made it very clear where he stands on the subject. Graves is not running for re-election:

“Nothing in the document contradicts what was discussed Wednesday during our meeting. No one on our board is in favor of forcing anyone to do anything. Not one cow is being displaced. No barns are being torn down. Agriculture in Allegany County is one of our biggest businesses and we respect its impact on our economy and our community. This is one of the biggest investments – involving people, money, bricks and mortar that has been proposed for Allegany County in my lifetime. Instead of driving people away from New York this project has the potential of bringing people and other investments back to Allegany County. My hope is that a reasonable agreement be worked out that helps ensure we at least have a fighting chance at a brighter future not only for us but for our children and our children’s children.”

The largely conservative legislature has had to grapple with using eminent domain, a traditional big government weapon. As a independent agency of Allegany County, the Industrial Development Agency, is headed by Dr. Craig Clark who authored the document provided below.

Stay tuned for updates and reactions from both sitting legislators and challengers in the June 22nd Primary Election. Public commentary via ‘letters to the editor’ are welcome also.

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