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District 4: Candidates for Allegany County Legislature. UPDATED, LaForge Bows Out of Race.


Early this week the list of registered candidates for Allegany County Elections was finalized. Every district has spirited races for legislature and the Wellsville/Andover territory is no different. A June 22nd Primary Election is on the calendar for the three available seats.

Gary Barnes: An Republican incumbent, Gary is seeking re-election. His term has been marked by conservative votes and matter-of-fact questioning during open sessions. He serves on the Human Services, Planning & Economic Development, Public Works, Resource Management standing committees.

Steven Havey: A Republican incumbent, seeks another term as legislator in order to finish the job he started. Havey currently serves on the Human Services, Personnel, Public Safety, Ways & Means committees. Read our interview with Steve here:

Greg McAndrew: A Republican challenger, is a new candidate and will be bringing new ideas and perspectives to this race. Stay tuned for more from McAndrew’s.

James Rumfelt: A Republican challenger and also Andover Chief of Police. Rumfelt has a lifetime of community service to lean on in his attempt at election. Read our interview with Chief Rumfelt:

Stay tuned to this channel to learn more about these candidates and all county legislative candidates on this site. Are you running for office in Allegany County? We’d love an interview!!! Email us at

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