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Allegany County 1st Assistant District Attorney Michael Finn Can’t Comment on Burdge Murder, Yet.


After Wednesday’s news about the sentencing of three defendants charged with the murder of Nick Burdge, many, including the victims family were vocal about the verdicts handed down. This site provided the perspective of the victim’s uncle Robert Roach you can read here:

A point of frustration has been in understanding the hard work and hard decision that ADA Michael Finn has made concerning the first three defendants to face justice. While Mr. Finn is sympathic to those natural concerns he would like the public to understand this case is not over.

“We have only sentenced three of the eight defendants and it would be inappropriate for me to discuss this case in any detail until the other five defendants have been fully prosecuted. They are still all innocent until proven guilty and deserve a fair day in court,” Finn explained.

ADA Finn did agree to a full interview on the Burdge murder case after all cases have been tried. Stay tuned for that scoop and we look forward to providing increased insight into the top law enforcement office in the county.

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