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Snow Moon over North Hill by Cindy Schreiner

Balmy Spring Day in Wellsville, Leek Diggers Get Ready, Birdwatcher Alert!


Temperatures in Wellsville were summer-esque today, exceeding 70F, and feeling like 90F !! The day started out in a thick blanket of fog as seen from this image taken from “Space Mountain”(near the Wellsville Municipal Airport). At the Fassett Greenspace on Main Street, pansies shot up and bloomed, and hundreds of flowers peaked through the soil.

While the change may be gradual, wind and rain is scheduled to give way to below freezing overnight temperatures by early next week.

Leek Diggers: It’s going to be an early year!! Check your south facing slopes for the first leeks peaking through last years leaves. Early leeks are almost as spicy as wasabi horseradish and very tender. Stay tuned for how you can get purchase some leeks this year and for famous local leek recipes!!

Bird Watchers!! Many migratory birds are arriving, almost every hour. The robins and red-winged blackbirds are singing louder than ever. Teal were spotted, along with Ring-necked ducks, and I could have sworn I saw a pair of Northern Shovelers also. My family of Eastern Pheobe is back and letting everyone know it!! As always feel free to share your birding pictures and updates. While we birders are quiet, we are many!!

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