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Three Local Legends Need Good Vibes


If you know any of these three great folks, get in touch and let them know you are thinking of them. Or don’t, just think of them: pray, yodel, meditate, send a happy text. One of the most important benefits of living in such a small town like Wellsville is that we can share the happy stuff and support each other during the rough patches.

First and foremost, if you know Pat McKinley, aka “The Captain”, please send him some love. Pat is literally a local legend for not only his dedication to The Emerald Hook and Ladder Company and other emergency services in Wellsville, but for driving home drunk people. He’s been the designated driver for hundreds, of not thousands of Wellsville revelers, since 2007. This is not exaggeration: The man has saved me from jail and possible death dozens of times and I’m not alone. “The Captain” is also just one of the best guys you’ll ever meet and trust me the ladies have taken notice!! Join all his gal pals in wishing him a speedy recovery if you know Pat or any of his siblings please reach out. Here he is with one of his besties, Hilary Briggs.

One of the sweetest ladies in town, child wrangler extraordinaire, had a nasty fall on what may have been the last sheet of ice in Wellsville. Patty McPeak has been a lifelong contributor to this publication along with her infamous husband Mike. Patty has been part of the family for three decades and we all hope that her rehab goes smoothly and with as little pain as possible. The poor lady can’t be stuck in the house with Mike too long, everyone has their limits. If you know Patty, send her some well wishes for a speedy recovery.

The third Wellsville celebrity that could use some support is Wilbur McDowell. This wild man took a nasty fall also and has been through the ringer with repairs and rehab. Your well wishes and happy thoughts will get Wilbur back on his feet sooner rather than later. And this guy is a dancer!! Back in the days of wild live music events, Wilbur and his equally wild partner in life Carol, would be the first couple on the dance floor!!! I called him “The Dancehall Doctor”!! Nothing gets that guy happier and grooving more than a good “Mustang Sally”.

If you know these Wellsvillians, give them a kind word. Do you know someone who needs some positive vibrations? This page is always open to those who wish to use it for lifting up others. Just holler at As always thanks to our sponsors like Fassett Lane Lumber Inc. Please support them as they support this site!!

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