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Job Bonanza in Wellsville


Despite the loss of many important manufacturing jobs in recent history, today the labor market in Wellsville is curiously strong. Below you will see several of the openings from our sponsors but that seems to be the tip of the iceberg.

Almost every major retail employer in Wellsville has the same problem: They can’t find job candidates. In one local restaurant the boss has had to call in family re-enforcements to keep the show going. If you ask the the local grocery store deli if they are hiring, the answer is “always”. From human services to transportation, Wellsville has jobs to fill.

Is this the result of gradual economic growth due to the pandemic or a consequence of the increased federal assistance via unemployment insurance and relief payments? Or more than likely, a combination of those two market forces.

Now consider the Wellsville area real estate market; Many of the family homes have been bought during this pandemic by buyers who are moving to Wellsville. That increase in homeownership should result in a stronger labor pool, but that isn’t exactly materializing. Are these remote workers who are employed outside of Wellsville or new homeowners who are not seeking employment due to the flood of ‘stimulus’?

When looking into a post-pandemic future, will Wellsville continue to have a labor shortage and a housing shortage? I think we will have to wait to see what happens when Uncle Sam’s generosity dries up. In the meantime, tell those looking for work, or workers, to keep up to date with the Wellsville Sun.

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