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Joint Assessor To Hold Amity Meeting Next Week, Please register to attend.


Amity Town Hall (Community Room) located at 1 Schuyler St on March 15,2021 at 12:00 pm.

The Amity Town Board has directed a revaluation of the entire Town of Amity. When this revaluation takes effect, it will have been 12 years since the towns last revaluation. This revaluation will affect your 2022 school, and 2023 town and county taxes. The towns 2021 equalization rate is 77%. Once the equalization rate falls below 100%, the following occurs:
a. Decreases all exemption values (combination of the equalization rate, county sales differential, and the towns overall level of assessment).
b. Full Market Value assigned each parcel (current assessment divided by the equalization rate;
this figure is used to determine your tax rate on shared services such as county and school

I will hold an informational presentation/briefing on how I plan to conduct the revaluation at the Amity Town Hall (Community Room) located at 1 Schuyler St on March 15,2021 at 12:00 pm. This meeting is open to the public and all property owners are encouraged to attend. To ensure that the appropriate number of hand outs and seating are available, please contact Joe Dannheim or Nichelle Dannheim at (585)593-1780 option 2 if you plan on attending and how many people you are bringing with you.

The goal of the revaluation is to provide a uniform and equitable assessment roll based on the current
market/sales of the property where all property owners are assessed the same based on what they own
(e.g., grade and condition, square footage, year built, uniform land table, etc.).

The information recorded on your property, as well as the current market, will be used to determine
your assessment. Please review, correct if necessary, sign, write any comments directing me towards
anything on the property that you want to specifically address and return the enclosed “data mai!er” to
the assessor’s office prior to March 15, 2021.

I will inspect every parcel in the Town of Amity to verify the parcels inventory, verify all measurements on houses and out-buildings (I use exterior measurements for everybody), update photographs, etc. Anyone associated with this revaluation project will carry photo identification. If you prefer that I estimate the properties inventory and value from the public right of way, just state that in the data mailer and return it to me. Upon completion of the data collection, I will reassess each parcel and notify property owners of their new assessment in January 2022. Individual informal hearings (by appointment) will be available for property owners to review their assessment for the accuracy with me at the Amity Town Hall in February 2022 (before taxable status day). If after the informal hearing you still feel you are over-assessed based on the market value of your property, you have the right to file a formal review through the grievance process with the Board of Assessment Review.

The following sales information (as of 02/09/2021) for the last four years is provided for your
information (actual sales will be given out at the public presentation and for valuation purposes, sales
will be used through 07/01/2021)

  1. Vacant land is currently assessed at 53% of its market value. There have been 390.6 acres of
    vacant land sold in the last four years in Amity. The average selling price is $1,359 per acre while
    the average assessment is $727 per acre.
  2. The towns residential properties are currently assessed at 76% of its market value. There have
    been 56 residential sales in the last four years in Amity with an average selling price of $79,932
    while the average assessment of those homes is currently $60,627.
  3. I believe you will find the informational briefing to be informative as I will explain what we assess, how
    we assess it, how we determine the values, and how we ensure that the assessments are
    uniform/equitable, how we develop the land tables, what exemptions are available and how you qualify
    for them.
    If you have any questions please contact the undersigned.

    Timothy J Dannheim
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