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First Dollars in the Door! How to Support the Fledgling Wellsville Sun


This new venture continues to gain new sponsors every day, to my amazement. Our exclusive introductory policy of having only one sponsor per industry, provides a value that other online advertising solutions don’t. There won’t be pop-up ads to distract from local advertisements or ten ads slapped all over the page. Simple, clean advertising that will become more efficiently displayed and effective by the day.

Another way we plan to support this site is through your VOLUNTARY contribution to the effort. Make no mistake, you will be able to read this page free of charge, as long as I am the proprietor. But nothing is really free, and in order to provide a ever improving site and content, capital is required. I hope you will consider a contribution now or at anytime in the future. This will pay for website upgrades, creating real jobs, and recreating a community asset from scratch.

Today we received our first generous contribution from Christie and Dan Greene of Springville NY. Christie is a Wellsville girl, born into the Brunell Family who lived in Sunnydale for over half a century. Her parents are Mary Ellen Brunell and the late Richard “Dick” Brunell(who has an unbelievable WWII survival story I’d love to tell sometime). The Greene’s are also part of my large extended Hennessy Family who have, without exception, supported me since I was born. A thank you seems inadequate.

Now don’t worry, we won’t be naming the contributors to this project unless specifically requested. And you can send capital support in any amount, $5 or $500,000, we are accepting all the help we can get. Also please don’t ask for any quid pro quo arrangements, we are happy with our clean slate and plan to keep it that way.


Are you as broke as me? Can’t give money? You can support is in many other ways. Here are the three biggies: 1) Share our posts on social media from this site. 2) Follow our Facebook page and invite friends. 3) Send ideas, special interest stories, and your charity events to 4) Support our advertisers!! We feel that we are presenting some of the best businesses in Wellsville. Their support speaks volumes about how they support Wellsville as a community. You just don’t decided to blindly support a brand new publication unless you get the bigger picture. These are the folks you want to do business with:

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