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Police Reports, or Lack Thereof


One of the top questions so far from readers is “Where are the police reports?” That answer is twofold:

The first is simple: While informing the public about criminal activity, we also shame those involved(and their families). When Johnny gets caught with a gram of cannabis and its in the news the next day? His mother is mortified and in a small town, the perceptions(or reality) of judgment being caste is a heavy burden. Sister Suzie has to deal with a weeks worth of nasty comments at school. When Johnny wants to get a summer job, six months after the incident, will he get a job?

Apply the same logic to DWI, disorderly conduct, petty theft, or welfare fraud. What primordially interests us; causes shame, grief, loss of employment, social isolation, and possibly worse to those already in crisis.

Lets also not forget that the history of Wellsville crime reporting has been clearly bias toward the “in-crowd”. If you are part of the right social circles, you just might never see your police report made public. Those in the less-fortunate social circles who have gotten ‘pinched’ can be sure they will be in the “blotter” as soon as possible.

The second reason for the lack of police reports is super simple: arrests are way down due to Covid. In the last week the New York State Police and the Wellsville Village Police have arrested two individuals from the Wellsville area. I’m sure the law enforcement officers are glad they don’t work on commission!!!

We will publish crime reports that are high profile(like if I get arrested), are a clear public safety issue(at my discretion), or if making the information public will aid law enforcement efforts in an ongoing investigation. I’m certainly ready to consider other opinions on the subject so always feel free to send a note to

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