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Snow Moon over North Hill by Cindy Schreiner

Turkey Vultures Return


Wellsville is warming up!! Half the snowpack is gone and I saw two people wearing shorts in Tops today. And the turkey vultures are back to enjoy all the treats being revealed by the thaw.

Fishermen are appearing on the riverbanks, they report that stone flies are hatching. My resident family of Canadian geese arrived and complained loudly that the pond was still frozen.

The buzzards, fishermen, stone flies, and geese are going to be disappointed because a cold front is coming in and we won’t be back above freezing until next week!!

But here is a picture of a vulture in warmer weather. Note I’m a pretty big turkey vulture fan so you will hear more about them. Well one thing you should know if you don’t: A turkey vulture can smell a rotting carcass over a mile away.

The work of the day today should be published tomorrow if all goes well. District 4(Wellsville/Andover) county legislator Steve Havey has announced his intention to seek another term. We’ll publish that digital interview as soon as possible along with some other county political news.

Its been great to hear from lots of old pals who heard about this new site and reached out. One thing is clear, I’ve underestimated the void created when Wellsville Regional News stopped publishing. Folks from all over depended on that site, multiple times per day to feel connected, myself included.

I’m thinking non-stop about how this site can fill that void and then some. Your ideas on the subject are of extreme value to me so please always feel free to send a note, a scathing review, or point out a typo!!!

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