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Introducing the Wellsville Sun


It has been several years since the Wellsville Daily Reporter left town.  As a lifelong resident, business owner, and community activist,  the vacuum created by that loss is hard to overstate.  The community servant who stepped into the gap with Wellsville Regional News is truly one of the unsung heroes in our community, as he kept the information flowing. That effort has been noble and very generous (and usually thankless), but one man volunteering to try and keep people informed is not enough.

The ethos of the Wellsville Sun is simple: To provide information and provide a bigger picture of Wellsville, New York through my sunny lens.  Call it excess positivity or my real love for our little town, but the agenda is simple:  To publish a daily page that accurately portrays this great place to live and work.  While you will find traditional news, there will also be more local stories, interviews, art, and culture.  This site will also work to help publicize charity efforts as well as provide an opportunity for advertising.

You won’t find national news stories, a comment section, or pop-up ads, or paywalls.  This site will provide content that shines daylight on four main topics: News, Politics, Art, and Food.  In the News section you will find Wellsville, Allegany County, and New York State related news based on press-releases and local reporting.  Politics will be limited to what’s going on within the county, with the goal being improved transparency and dignified elections.  The Art section will give voice to the many local artists by providing exposure to the public, and a platform to make sales.  Last but not least is Food:  Wellsville is sorely under-rated as a food destination, and we plan to help restaurateurs rebuild and prosper.

A community news source that acts as an advocate for people, government, and businesses is our mission.  We do intend to also be a profitable enterprise, partnering with local businesses to provide space that will improve their bottom line, and in turn grow our economy.  While our advertising structure is still being decided, any interested businesses are encouraged to contact us for a personal meeting.

The power of the press is hard to overestimate, especially in a small town.  We’ve all seen the results of social media posts, national news warfare, and the general disinformation that has undermined the integrity of the press.  The Wellsville Sun intends to be much different.  This new page will shine a positive light on this great place and work to become a force for making it even greater.

We are accepting press releases, local event notifications, obituaries, opinions, and offers for collaboration and advertising. I look forward to hearing from you and rebuilding the fourth estate in our community

Visit our Contact Page or email me directly to:

Andrew Harris

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