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Wellsville Chief of Police Timothy O’Grady details recent village crime warning


The police department issued a general “lock your doors,” warning yesterday asking for vigilance

By Andrew Harris,

A rare generic warning about criminal activity in the village yesterday prompted several readers to ask, “what’s going on?” When asked for more specifics on the nature of crimes being committed, Chief of Police O’Grady provided this list of recent vehicle and property theft in the village of Wellsville:

May 28th – Tyler Cowburn was arrested for stealing a car out of a driveway on Madison St.  Video footage from a private camera assisted in solving case.

May 28th – Vehicle gone through and items stolen out of an unlocked on E. Genesee St.  Video footage from a private camera obtained but case is still pending.

June 7th – Ashley Taber was arrested for stealing items off porches & decks, and burglarizing a garage at residences on W. State St.   Video footage from a private camera assisted in solving case.  

June 8th – Theresa Poehmel was arrested for burglary and larceny for entering a residence on W. State St. and stealing property.  A citizen intervened after seeing Poehmel in the neighborhood with a wheelbarrow full of stolen items.  Video footage from a private camera also assisted in solving case.

June 10th – Property stolen from the laundry mat on Pine St.  Video footage obtained and case is still pending.

We ask the chief to explain more about the perpetrators, their motives, and what is driving this uptick in brazen crime:

All of these individuals have extensive criminal histories.  Most streets in Wellsville, and likely every Village in the Southern Tier, have known drug houses.  A lot of these types of crimes can be linked back to the problem of illegal drugs and addiction.  Between the debacle of NYS bail reform and the State’s lenient attitude toward the prosecution of crimes, it has made our cities, towns and villages a free for all for criminals.  For whatever reason, the State has dismantled their drug task forces and the police departments can’t do it alone.  If people see something suspicious they should report it even if it turns out to be nothing.”

Read yesterday’s public warning from the Wellsville Police Department below. Always call 911 in the case of an emergency or ongoing crime. To reach the Wellsville Police Department during business hours, call 585 593 5600.

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