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By Craig Braack

Wellsville Central: Capital Vote Monday, October 23rd, in the Secondary School Cafeteria


Voting is from 3:00 pm-9:00 pm Wellsville School District Residents who are 18 years old and over may vote

See the planned, “Athletic Pavilion” project

Dear Lions Families and Community Members, 

The District will hold its vote for public authorization of an additional $1.1 million to allow the approved athletic pavilion project to be completed as presented in the original vote held in 2022. This facility will enhance our students’ and their families’ overall sports experience while providing greater accessibility and replacing a building that has reached the end of its useful life.

The previous vote saw our community’s overwhelming support for constructing an athletic pavilion at our athletic facility. This pavilion was designed to serve as a hub for our student-athletes, providing essential facilities, including: 

  • team storage
  • team room
  • accessible bathrooms
  • concession area
  • announcing facility

Since the project’s approval, our dedicated team has worked diligently to make this vision a reality. Through careful planning and collaboration with architects, contractors, and other professionals, we have made significant progress towards the project’s completion. However, due to unforeseen inflation of construction costs, we need additional funding to ensure the successful completion of the pavilion, as presented to you in the 2022 vote.

After thorough consideration and discussions with the Board of Education, we have decided to seek the approval of our community once again. We will hold a public vote to request an increase in the budget for the athletic pavilion project by 1.1 million dollars. 

The funds will address the increased cost of construction (which occurred since the original vote) while delivering the facility proposed in May of 2022. The District has “gone to bid” two times to ensure the most favorable construction costs before considering a request for additional funds. This proposal maintains our commitment to not raise taxes.

The public vote for the proposed $1.1 million increase in funding will occur on Monday, October 23rd.

We urge all community members to support this essential project to benefit our students and enhance our community’s educational facilities. Your continued involvement is invaluable, and your vote is crucial in shaping the future of our school district. 

Together, we can ensure that this athletic pavilion is completed to the high standards our students deserve, and we thank you for your unwavering commitment to Wellsville Schools.


David Foster Superintendent 

Alan Mosher School Board President

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