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Early morning in Wellsville, by Melissa Scott

Fire hydrant flushing October 16-20 in village of Wellsville, read the schedule



Please mark your calendar with the date your street will be flushed 

This is our 2023 flushing schedule.  Slight water pressure variations or discolored water conditions may occur during this period. PLEASE REMEMBER, THE WATER IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE TO DRINK.  We are merely cleaning out an accumulation of dissolved materials which have settled in the mains. 

To avoid inconvenience, check the water before doing laundry, and keep water in the fridge for drinking and cooking.


           MONDAY, OCTOBER 16 – East Side Genesee River, East State, South of Village Line.

              TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17 – East Side Genesee River, Pearl St to East State Street.           

              WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18 – East Side Genesee River, Pearl Street North to Village Line.

             THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19 – West Side Genesee River, West State North to Village Line.

             FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 – West Side Genesee River, West State South of Village Line.

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