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Storage units appear on Wellsville Municipal Lot


“Are those tiny houses?”

By Andrew Harris

A reader sent the above question to us today after three mini-shed type structures arrived on the now controversial “Wellsville Municipal Parking Lot.”

The answer is no, these sheds are part of a plan to convert the parking lot space into a series of storage units, as promised by the owner, Iris and William LLC.

Our most recent reporting on the parking lot can be found below and this link has all the reporting that the Sun has done on the parking lot saga to-date.

To summarize the scenario:

July 2022: New owner buys Rockwell Building and parking lot space behind the Main Street building.

September 2022: Property owner asked the village of Wellsville for a lease agreement to keep the lot maintained and open to public parking.

November 2022: A short-term agreement but reached but then expired in early 2023 when the village opted not to renew the agreement and then asked to purchase the property.

The new owner refused to sell after the village paid for a full appraisal and made what they felt was a “fair market offer.”

April 2023: The owner then placed barricades up to prevent any parking on parts of the property and modified those barricades at the request of local emergency services.

June 2023: The owner, Iris and William LLC, announced that they would be installing “storage units” on the space. A phone number soliciting customers was placed on a sign announcing the storage business.

September, 7 2023: Three storage units, as pictured above were delivered to the parking lot, drawing lots of local speculation. The units appear to be wooden board and batten storage sheds which are not permanently fixed to the ground.

Now that this is officially the most storied parking lot in the history of the Village of Wellsville, it is certainly not the last news we will report on the subject.

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