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Group of Nursing students heading to Ireland


KathyAnn Sager leads future nurses from Allegany and Steuben County overseas

A group of six Alfred State nursing students are heading to Ireland along with Associate Professor KathyAnn Sager to learn about the healthcare services in the country.

The group arrives in Ireland on June 25, and will spend two weeks learning in the cities of Dublin and Galway. Joining Sager on the trip is Molly Arnold (Dryden, NY), Bethany Gayhart (Canisteo, NY), Avery Grusendorf (Belmont, NY), Leah McCormick (Andover, NY), Maxwell McCumiskey (Fillmore, NY), and Samantha Price (Hornell, NY).

Students will be leading a discussion related to a topic of their choosing while the group explores various healthcare facilities in Ireland. The students will be journaling their thoughts and observations during their travels and the students will present a final project based on their reflections of the trip upon returning home.

Each of the students are in various stages of their educational journey and have different perspectives on the upcoming trip. Several of the students are already working in the field.

McCumiskey is excited to take part in the trip. “I feel this program will allow me to better understand health care and different levels of nursing in a broader sense, specifically outside the U.S. It is an honor to participate in this study abroad program which is allowing me to elevate my knowledge of nursing care and its history.”

“From this trip I will receive the benefits of expanded education and knowledge from living in a different country temporarily,” commented Grusendorf. “Learning the cultural differences can help me to potentially give better care when I am a licensed RN in the United States.”

The group leaves out of Philadelphia, PA and the trip will include time for the students to explore the area and experience the culture.

Student Quotes on the trip:

“The proposed program of study abroad will help me broaden my horizon and help me to begin to learn about healthcare across the world. I also will learn and appreciate different cultures.”

  • Leah McCormick

“Study abroad will help me get a better understanding of nursing and expand my knowledge. It will be interesting to compare our healthcare system and theirs.”

  • Molly Arnold

“This experience allows me to further my knowledge of nursing and is a great opportunity to be able to see healthcare in a different setting.”

  • Bethany Gayhart

“As a registered nurse, I believe this experience will be insightful. I am eager to meet other healthcare professionals and discuss similarities and differences in our systems and facilities.”

  • Samantha Price
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