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Does Steve Tasker Belong in the Hall of Fame?


By V-Ry the Sports Guy, photo courtesy of the Buffalo Bills

The Man

In the fall of 1994 I was fortunate enough to visit a Buffalo Bills practice thanks to Make-A-Wish. I met all of the greats from the Super Bowl years, to say I was starstruck is an understatement. However, one player has always been a favorite of mine since that day; the diminutive yet tough as nails Steve Tasker. We immediately connected over the fact that we both had the same broken arm; I remember Steve Tasker as both a great player and an even better person.

The Myth

Being a good person doesn’t make you a hall of fame candidate, but being a great player does. There are currently no special teams players like Steve Tasker in Canton. 25 years after his retirement, Tasker has still not been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As of this year, Tasker is no longer eligible to be voted in; he can only be nominated by the seniors and contributors committee.


Steve Tasker has been a hall of fame semi-finalist 8x and has been snubbed every time. NFL Network named Tasker as the 9th greatest player not enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly regards Tasker as the greatest special teams player of all time and a hall of fame candidate.

The Legend

Steve Tasker played in the Super Bowl 4x, was a first team all pro 5x, and played in the Pro Bowl 7x. He’s the only special teams player ever to be named the MVP of the Pro Bowl. In his career as a gunner, Tasker had 204 tackles and 7 blocked punts. Tasker is extremely popular in Buffalo and a member of the Bills Wall of Fame.

My Two CentsĀ 

When the chips are down I would want Steve Tasker on my team every time. Is Tasker the greatest special teams player of all time? Unequivocally! Should Tasker be in the hall of fame? Without a doubt! If I was a member of the nominating committee I would bang on the table every year until Steve Tasker dons that gold jacket!

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