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New Yorkers: “Does this sound crazy?”


Letter from Rhiannon Sisson, Bolivar NY

Dear New Yorkers,

          The New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) has been “passed”.  What is this act that so many of you have not heard of?  In short, this drafting scope will:

  • Prohibit the use of natural gas, propane and oil in new homes by 2024
  • Prohibit tradition heating systems in existing homes by 2030
  • Ban the use of natural gas appliances in home by 2030
  • NO GASOLINE vehicles sold in New York by 2035
  • Immediate moratoriums on new gas infrastructure and no new natural gas service to existing buildings

Does this sound crazy? Do you think this will never happen?  Sadly, it’s already happening.  The draft as it’s written by the Climate Action Council has been passed and can only be changed based on the record that is created through public comments.  There is NO vote for New Yorkers on the final version of the CLCPA and only the Climate Action Council and Governor Hochul vote on its passage.  Your choices as an energy consumer in New York State will be taken away and you will be forced into electrification. A heat source that is unreliable in the harsh weather conditions we experience here in Western New York along with our infrastructure not being able to handle the capacity of everyone going electric.  Furthermore, the increased demand for electric alone will threaten overall reliability and we could very easily experience widespread outages. 

Another issue is the cost.  Increased demand for any commodity will lower supply levels and increase costs resulting in higher utility bills for everyone.  Not to mention the massive amount of job losses our state will have due to the ban on natural gas, propane, and fuel oil.  This Act will affect every homeowner, business owner and quite honestly every resident in New York State.  Even as we are recovering from the pandemic and dealing with inflation in every product we consume the CLCPA will further compound the price increases we have been experiencing. 

There are many industries, trade groups and alliances speaking out against this act but we need more voices.  The residents of this state need to speak out against this proposal.  We are not against clean energy but we are against mandates that will negatively affect New York for years to come.  We need smart energy.  The Climate Action Council needs to do a better cost analysis of how these mandates will impact the residents of New York, which they have not adequately done.  Please speak out!  We will be attending a meeting to voice our opposition to the CLCPA, but we need as many people as possible to click the link attached and speak out. The public comment period is open until June 10, 2022.  I have also included a link to the CLCPA draft scoping plan so you can read the proposal yourself.

There are numerous short- and long-term ramifications of the CLCPA.  As New Yorkers we have a right to smart, reliable energy that is affordable. This proposal will take away that right and put further undue burden on the taxpayers of this state and could lead many people to leave our state all together. Speak out. Speak Up.  Ask Questions.  Let the Climate Action Council, Governor Hochul and your local representatives know that changes NEED to be made to the CLCPA.  We will be doing our part and hope that you will join us in doing yours.

With Regards,

Rhiannon Sisson

Sisson’s Chain Saws & Stoves, Inc           

Climate Action Council Proposal:

Voice Your Opposition:

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