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ACAF announces the Tim Rohe Memorial Scholarship for Fillmore Central School


The family of Fillmore Central School alumnus Tim Rohe has established a scholarship in his honor through the Allegany County Area Foundation (ACAF). This award will support a student in pursuing education or training in a technology, mechanics, or engineering field with priority to graduates of Fillmore Central School.

Since he was young, Tim loved learning and tinkering. His passion for discovering how things work began with him taking apart and rebuilding old computers and grew into his later interest in pursuing computer engineering. Tim was always known for his sharpness in physics and math and his love of discussing philosophy. He loved to make goofy jokes and debate the latest political happenings or discuss the fine details of computer systems, and his knowledge of internet culture was second to none. At school, he was known for daring people to eat hot peppers and challenging teachers in debates about any subject.

Tim was also a kind and helpful young man who spent many hours working with his older brother Daniel on construction projects and happily playing with his nieces and nephews. He was always quick to offer to help with any task. In high school he was both an athlete and a scholar; he was an active snowboarder and swimmer and earned National Merit recognition his senior year. After high school he enrolled at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, where he was studying Computer Engineering. 

Tim passed away in 2020 at the age of 19, after battling substance use and depression. His family remembers him for his passionate pursuit of knowledge, his curiosity in taking apart and rebuilding anything he could find, his love for philosophical thinking, and his quick-witted debate skills and humor. 

The recipient of this scholarship will embody Tim’s qualities of curiosity and adventurousness. The first scholarship will be made next spring for the 2023-2024 academic year. Students can apply through the regular ACAF online application process (accessible through the ACAF website).

To support this fund or for information about establishing a scholarship or grant fund contact Bruce Campbell (ACAF) at or 585-296-5616.

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