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Al Mosher undergoes successful liver transplant surgery


Well-known Wellsville leader went into surgery late Friday evening

In late July of this year, the family of Al Mosher made an announcement and plea for help to the community. Mosher, suffering from a liver condition would need a transplant in order to survive. They created a Facebook page, “Al Mosher Gift of Life,” and began searching for a donor:

“Some of you may know that Al was diagnosed with a liver condition known as NASH (NonAlchoholic SteatoHepatitis) in 2019. NASH is a hard to diagnose disorder and can lead to serious liver issues. If not diagnosed early, it can lead to cirrhosis and eventual liver failure. Since his diagnosis, his liver functions have gotten worse and it’s no longer working well enough to keep him healthy. Over the past two years Al has dealt with constant fluid retention which has hampered mobility and gotten worse enough to labor his ability to breathe at times. He has had to have multiple procedures to remove the fluid that normally, the liver would help control. Al is also on a regular schedule of infusions to help regulate the chemical levels that normal liver functions control. The liver provides a lot of different functions for the body like filtering toxins, regulating metabolism, and so many other vital things. Now his liver continues to worsen and will eventually fail to keep him alive. This is what he is facing now, leaving him with only one treatment option- receiving a liver transplant.”

Al with his girls

After months of searching for a match, Mosher, his family, and the Wellsville community prayers were answered. Al’s daughter Stephanie made this announcement about 12 hours ago:

“This rock, my dad, got a call this afternoon. They have a match. He is getting a liver! Please say prayers as he undergoes this surgery tonight. God bless the family and person from which this liver is coming from. We will keep you updated. Love to you all ❤

At 10:30am today, the Mosher family released this happy news:

“Dad made it out of surgery….lasted about 10 hours. Surgery went well. Very little bleeding and the new liver seems to be functioning well. He has a long road ahead of him but we received a miracle last night. We were told to ever get a deceased liver would probably not happen. We are in shock and extremely grateful to the donor and family for providing this gift to my father.”

The Wellsville Sun will provide an update on Al as he recovers and gets back home to his family.

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