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NYS Police hold Patrol Rifle School for troopers


GALLERY: State Troopers on the range

From the NYS Police,

Patrol Rifle School: State Police, Troop B held a Patrol Rifle School. The school consist of classroom learning, written test, and qualification with the rifle. During their time at the school, Troopers learn how to take the rifle apart, put it back together, shoot between 800-1000 rounds in three different positions, qualify, and pass a written exam.

The Troopers qualification course consist of them shooting from the 100 yd line in prone position, 50 yd line in the kneeling position, 25, 15, and 7 yd lines in the standing position.

In order to qualify the Troopers target must have a perfect score of 250.

This tests the Troopers mental and physical ability. Congratulations to the Troopers on receiving their Patrol Rifle.

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