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Whitesville Central School announces fourth quarter honor roll


The following students, grades 6 through 12, have been named to the honor roll for the 4th marking period. Students named to the High Honors have maintained an average of 95.0% or above while those named to Honors have averaged 90%-94.99% and those named to Merit Roll have averaged 85%-89.99%.


Grade 12:  Carter Coppini, Rachel Jackson, Randa Waite

Grade 11:  Kennedy Bledsoe, Gabriella Hall, Vanessa Hall, Aislinn Hamilton, María Riloba Salmón,  Brynn Scholl

Grade 10:  Grace Fry, Wyatt Hamilton, Holden Matteson

Grade 9:    Jack Lee, Katrina Lewis, Graci Lewis-Ellison, Quinn Schultz

Grade 8     Morrigan Hixson

Grade 7:    Abraham Lewis, Madison Schultz

Grade 6:    Stella Bledsoe

HONOR ROLL  (90% – 94.99%)

Grade 12:  Lucas Erdmann, Zoe Lee, Spencer Mattison, Conner Phillips, Justin Waters

Grade 11:  Hailey Button, Christopher Estep, Kaylee Hunt, Emma Nelson

Grade 10:  Debra Gullett, Alexys Palmatier, Isabella Potter

Grade 9:    Bella Pepiciello, Cody Tuttle

Grade 8:    Ciarra Delill, Skyler Orpet, Ronaldo Vasquez, Olivia Waters

Grade 7:    Kiera Meunier

Grade 6:    Lorelai Coleman, Riley Crittenden, Logan Delill, Isaac Easton, Madison Kellogg, Franklin Lewis, Brayden Poulin

MERIT ROLL (85% – 89.99%)

Grade 12:  Serena Ainsworth, Tyler Lewis

Grade 11:  Gavin Cutler, Yulonda Willow

Grade 9:    Mia Kio, Oliver Smith 

Grade 7:    Jaedyn Gaines, Olivia Lewis, Jacob Mattison

Grade 6:    Sylvia Billings

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