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By Douglas Sciorra

Allegany County Public Safety report


By Michael T. Baldwin

The Allegany County District Attorney’s Office is looking to fill a vacant Assistant DA position and elevate the job from part-time to full-time. At the part-time level, the job paid $70,000. This position will be assigned several town and village courts and be responsible for prosecution of all cases, including felonies. The county Public Safety Committee will review the request when it meets Wednesday. The DA also reports that new criminal cases rose in March. Last month there were 13 new felony cases, up from 8 in February while new misdemeanor cases rose to 38 in March.

The Allegany County Sheriff’s Department reports that in March, it generated more than $54,000 in revenue for housing Federal inmates. The average daily population was 54. Meanwhile, the Civil Division collected nearly $30,000 last month in fines, bail, fees and money judgements. Fifty-seven civil processes were served.

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