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Life in the Finger Lakes: Explore the Flavorful Tapestry of Finger Lake Breweries


A peak at ten great FLX beer destinations

By Jim Moore, Chief Finger Lakes Enthusiast, photo via Finger Lakes Wine Country

In the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes region, where vineyards stretch across rolling hills and pristine lakes glisten, another craft is quietly making waves. Nestled amid this stunning landscape, the Finger Lakes’ brewery scene is thriving, offering beer enthusiasts a diverse and eclectic array of flavors, ambiance, and experiences. Let’s embark on a tasting journey through some of the region’s most intriguing breweries, knowing that these are just a taste of what the Finger Lakes have to offer.

Finger Lakes Beer Company –

Located in Hammondsport, this gem showcases a vast selection of craft beers inspired by the breathtaking Finger Lakes. From crisp and refreshing IPAs to rich and robust stouts, they cater to a wide spectrum of beer lovers.

Grist Iron Brewing Company –

Set on the eastern shores of Seneca Lake, Grist Iron Brewing is a must-visit destination. Not only are they renowned for their stunning lake views but also for their ever-changing tap list. It’s a place where traditional lagers harmoniously coexist with experimental brews.

Climbing Bines Hop Farm and Craft Ale Company –

Located on Seneca Lake’s western shores, you can savor the unique flavors of freshly harvested hops in their brews while enjoying the picturesque landscapes.

The Brewery of Broken Dreams –

In Hammondsport, this brewery embraces the eclectic. Their creative array of brews often stretches the boundaries of conventional styles, embodying the whimsical spirit of their name.

Keuka Brewing Company –

Located in Hammondsport, NY, this brewery offers a relaxed atmosphere and a spectrum of flavors for all tastes. From light ales to complex stouts, there’s something here to please every palate.

Steuben Brewing Company –

Located on Keuka Lake’s east side, this brewery is known for its innovative beer concoctions. Experimenting with unique ingredients, they create distinctive brews that elevate your tasting experience.

Young Lion Brewing Company –

In Canandaigua, Young Lion Brewing embodies the youthful spirit of craft beer making. Their selection spans traditional styles to experimental blends, often incorporating local ingredients for that extra flair.

Abandon Brewing Company –

Situated in an old barn, Abandon Brewing is famous for its rustic setting and a wide range of beers. They brew with a creative flair, producing seasonal and one-of-a-kind beers that keep patrons returning.

Lyonsmith Brewing Co. –

LyonSmith Brewing Co. is a Brewery whose main focus is the beer styles of the United Kingdom: England, N. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This region has a long esteemed history in the brewing arts, and it is our intention to honor that tradition.

War Horse Brewing Company –

A part of Three Brothers Wineries and Estates, War Horse Brewing Company in Geneva combines exceptional wines with exceptional brews. Their brewery offers a unique fusion of wine and beer culture, making it a must-visit destination.

These breweries are just a glimpse into the thriving beer culture of the Finger Lakes. Beyond the exquisite brews, the Finger Lakes region boasts many more welcoming breweries, each with its unique story and craft. It’s an opportunity to engage with passionate brewers, learn about their craft, and share stories with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to the world of craft beer, the Finger Lakes breweries offer an immersive experience that celebrates the art of brewing amidst one of New York’s most picturesque settings. Cheers to the Finger Lakes and its diverse and ever-growing craft beer scene!

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